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There exist certain definitions related to the concept of sustainable development. In spite of this, each of them has some points in common.

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The Certex Vision of Sustainable Development

    • Maintaining the integrity of the environment to ensure the health and safety of human communities and the preservation of the ecosystems that support life;
    • Ensuring social equity to allow for the fulfillment of all men and women, in the development of communities and respect for diversity; and
    • Targeting economic effectiveness to create an innovative and prosperous economy that is ecologically and socially responsible.

According to the definition related to the concept for sustainable development, Certex carries out several concrete activities.


Protecting the Environment

Thanks to clothing donations, more than 6,000 tonnes of textiles, the equivalent of 367 16 metre (53-foot) trucks are kept from dumping at landfill sites each year.

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Economic Efficiency

Thanks to clothing donations, Certex is able to ensure the success of hundreds of companies in Quebec, Canada and internationally.


Sociale Equity

Thanks to clothing donations, Certex is able to employ 140 people, 75% of whom are people with handicaps. Several aid programs were set up to facilitate the integration of these people in the community. Since 1992, Certex has provided working experience to close to 1,000 individuals.