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ValorisAction Program

The ValorisAction Program offers the various players in the textile industry, companies and the general public, simple and effective solutions to actually participate in sustainable development.

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The program addresses all industrial, commercial and institutional companies (ICI) with new and/or used textile material that they wish to dispose of. The program also addresses any organization that wants to encourage the participation of citizens in protecting the environment.

Three types of partnerships are possible as part of the ValorisAction Program. Click on the option of your choice for additional information.


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  1. Used Clothing
  2. New Textiles


I. Used Clothing

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Thirft Stores and Eco-Designers

Are you a creator who is looking for a supply of quality textile? Certex offers a wide selection of primary materials for eco-designers from the area. Our quality sorting procedure is among the best in the industry. Fur, leather, silk, wedding dresses, etc., are available in a “select, pay and take away” formula. Several Quebec eco-designers call on Certex for their supplies including Mariouche Gagné, the designer of the Harricana brand.

Our plant is also open to all second-hand stores who are looking to acquire quality clothing at inexpensive rates. Come and discover our vintage section which makes it easier to find unique articles.

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II. New Textiles

Certex encourages the recovery and reuse of textiles by giving businesses and industries an easy was to dispose of their surplus new textile in a way that protects the environment. The collection of these surpluses and ends of lines, as well as their transportation to the sorting centre is handled free of charge by Certex.

Are you interested in this service and do you wish to get a quote?

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