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Get involved and become a volunteer!

Volunteering is one way to actively participate in the growth of an organization and is an excellent way to fulfill yourself as an individual. Whether you are an individual who wants to get involved or an organization that wants to implement or organize charitable activity within the company, Certex is ready to welcome you.

Here are some good reasons to volunteer at Certex:

  • An excellent way to acquire work experience;
  • Learn new competencies while carrying out new tasks;
  • A superb way to evaluate what you would and wouldn't like to do to earn a living; and
  • Meet people who would be able to give you advice and possibly later help you find a paying job.

As an indication, the following are some of the tasks given to volunteers:

  • Help in the preparation of snacks for employees;
  • General office work;
  • Materials handling; and
  • Help us during our social activities.


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